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Every language service company recognises the challenges around international payments and the risks associated with currency fluctuations. What characterises the language services industry is the sheer number of monthly individual payments to hundreds of suppliers, and managing incoming payments from clients, in multiple currencies.

Getting to grips with how to optimise international transfers and finding a foreign exchange partner that understands the specifics of our industry can, however, be difficult.

That’s about to change; the ATC warmly welcomes our newest Associate Partner, foreign exchange specialist Currency Matters Limited.


What do Currency Matters do?

Since 2002 Currency Matters has been providing a highly professional foreign exchange and overseas payments facility to businesses that trade overseas. We offer all our clients market leading technology and a first class service. Whether you’re a private client sending funds to your foreign currency account or company paying an overseas supplier or receiving foreign currency from a customer, Currency Matters will provide an efficient cost effective facility that will enhance your bottom line. We also work with a number of trade associations and member based organisations to bring them and more importantly their members, better foreign exchange and international payment solutions.

Currency Matters has clients in 76 countries and last year made payments into 134 jurisdictions. We have that global reach and experience that our clients rely on to enhance their own business. We are your global foreign exchange and payments partner.


Why does it make sense to use a specialist rather than the bank?

Currency Matters offers a personal and informed foreign currency exchange facility. We replace the traditional role of the bank in the money exchange transaction, and in doing so, offer a higher level of currency analysis and service not normally found with the banks. We will save you money through commission free transactions and better exchange rates.


How does it work in practice?

Clients can transact through our state of the art online platform, or if you would prefer the more personal touch you can transact via the telephone by speaking to your dedicated account manager that will assist you through the whole process.


OK I’m sold, how can i get onboard?

We offer a NO cost, NO obligation account. You can sign up via our website or you can register your interest and we can send a link to our application to your smartphone.

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