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Summit Sponsors Offering Shaken Up

Summit Sponsors offering shaken up

The traditional sponsors’ tool demos have been put to one side at this year’s Language Industry Summit, as the ATC shakes up its offering and opportunity for Summit sponsors.

For the first time, sponsors will host sponsored sessions where delegates will be invited not only to come and investigate what’s on offer, butalso bring their pain points and worries, either about the product they are using, or the challenges they’re facing in their specific business.

Sue Dawes of Miton said, “A year on from our first sponsorship of ATC’s Summit, we are pleased and excited to be supporting this year’s event at Greenwich. The Summit’s focus on both automation and small businesses, fits well with Miton’s market position. Our InterpreterLine platform is designed to help the smaller Language Service providers grow their Telephone Interpreting business through efficient automation. When technology-assisted interpreting is becoming more and more welcome, we expect to showcase, how in its simplest application, smartphones and tablets are being put to good use.”

If you’re interested in sponsoring any aspect of Summit, please contact the or download the brochure to find out more

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