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thebigword Group is proud to be ranked as the top interpretation company in Europe, and number 4 worldwide.

The rankings have been compiled by Nimdzi, an international language-industry research agency. The 2019 Nimdzi Interpreting Index takes a closer look at this sector of the language services industry, reporting on the largest players in the business, the size of the global interpreting market and its current state.

The interpreting market is growing strongly, with an estimated market for interpreting services in 2019 at USD 7.6 billion.

The global language service provider delivers 1,000,000 minutes of telephone interpreting every month in over 230 languages, and completes 30,000 face to face interpreter bookings across the UK every month.

Growing thebigword’s interpretation client base and revenue services remains key part of the group’s global strategy for success and ambition to enter the top 5 language service providers in the world.

Larry Gould, Founder and Chairman of thebigword Group, said “I am delighted that thebigword has been recognised as the number 1 interpreting company in Europe and in the top 4 globally.

“Our continued investment in state-of-the art technology ensures that we are the number one choice for both translation and interpreting services across the globe.”

About thebigword Group:

thebigword Group is a global language solutions company comprising of thebigword, TBW Global and Gould Tech Solutions.

The company is one of the top 15 Language Service providers globally. It is the largest interpreting services provider in Europe and ranked 4th in the world.

TBW Global, the group’s defence company, provides defence and multilingual communication services to NATO member countries and customers including the UK MOD, the US Department of Defense and a number of global defence and aerospace prime contractors.

Gould Tech Solutions Ltd, the group’s technology company, provides clients with connectors, integrations, and highly automated systems to support the delivery of fast, accurate, and secure translation and interpreting services globally.

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