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The ATC’s Language Industry Awards celebrate the operational excellence of ATC member companies and the language industry professionals behind them.

Congratulations to the 2020 winners!

Company of the Year – Atlas Translations

Judges notes: “Atlas Translations stands out as the one company ticking all the boxes. Super growth in a short period and difficult year. Great life balance for the staff with a four-day week, with higher productivity. And some great giving back to the industry.”

Commendation – Intonation and Language Insight


New Member of the Year – Creative Words

Judges notes: “Creative Words shows good use of technology and a community focus. What we particularly liked was Creative Words’ YouTube channel and the emphasis it placed on engaging with the next generation of linguists.”

Commendation – My Language Hub


Project Manager of the Year – Agueda Soriano, Locaria

Judges notes: “Agueda is a great all-rounder in terms of skills: sales, risk, project management and technology. A Project Manager has to be a linguist and coordinator, and we love to hear this candidate has a deep technical knowledge as well.”

Commendation – Maria Daskalova, Prestige Network

Project Management Team of the Year – PM Team at ALM Translations

Judges notes: “ALM’s PM team’s win is a reminder of how our industry overcomes difficulties and that despite economic woes, political turmoil, and the increasing use of technology, the project team is still at the heart of what our members and industry do to deliver excellence to clients every day.”

Commendation – Adidas PM Team at Locaria

Innovator of the Year – Daniela D’Amato, Creative Words

Judges notes: “Daniela had the vision to pulling together a variety of tools and innovations to increase efficiency touching various departments within the company to provide a measurable and significant benefit. She provided tangible results and structured management to move the company forward.”

Commendation – Nicola Pegoraro, Locaria


Sales Person of the Year – Salina Tomlin, Intonation

Judges notes: “Salina impressed with her quick grasp of the intricacies of the language services industry, and in applying her experience from the business development world in building strong, meaningful relationships with clients and improving strategy and processes. An increase in sales of 11% over the past year is a formidable result in the current circumstances.”


Translator of the Year – Silvia Mazzobel, freelance translator for EMPOWER Translate

Judges notes: “Translating from English and German into Italian, Silvia is a strong, highly rated translator with excellent feedback from her language service company team. Her professional experience over the past 17 years has contributed to her deep expertise in Empower’s main area of business, Market Research. Silvia is extremely responsive, highly committed and excels in the work she goes above and beyond to provide.”

Commendation – Sarah Weiss, Locaria


Eichner Distinguished Service Award – not awarded in 2020

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