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The ATC’s traditional End of Year Report looks back at the year’s activities, collaborations and projects by the ATC and its community of members – see you in 2024!

Chair’s Greetings

As 2023 draws to a close, we have the opportunity to reflect on what a very big year it has been for our industry – opening with the challenge of AI, drawing to a close with yet more global unrest and economic uncertainty.

Yet one thing is certain: the resilience of our industry. In the face of apparently insurmountable adversity, global economic volatility, financial uncertainty and an enormously complex landscape, yet again we see the language services industry coming through strongly, pivoting and remaining agile and responsive to the needs of our entire ecosystem.

This is an industry to be celebrated indeed, with ATC members clearly at the forefront of stabilising the industry ship whilst driving change for a more sustainable future.

And where it is undeniable that language service company founders, owners and senior leaders may well be experiencing some sleepless nights and disruption, the like of which we have not previously experienced, nevertheless we are seeing some extraordinary creative and innovative solutions to the perennial problem of effective communication.

What matters is retaining sight of the purpose of our industry and what we are striving to achieve: equal and equitable communication across all spheres regardless of one’s starting or finishing language point is what we specialise in, and I am so proud that the ATC has remained a true constant in supporting all of us through the challenges that 2023 has presented.

Extending my thanks, as ever, to the ATC’s Council, and to our CEO Raisa McNab, our Commercial Collaborations Lead Sarah Bawa Mason, and our Secretary Sandra Foster, for their dedication and drive in making what you see in this End of Year Report happen.

And of course, to you, our members, I want to send a message of courage: the future is still bright.

Ruth Partington
ATC Chair
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The full report is available here.

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