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Charity Translators is a UK-based, grassroots volunteer community offering language support to the charity sector.

Working with UK and international charities, the Charity Translators’ team provides advice and guidance about translation and interpreting, and support translation projects, where possible, with the aid of its network of volunteer translators.

To mark the start of the ATC’s partnership with Charity Translators, the two organisations are inviting ATC member companies to join an all-day workshop in July 2021 to learn more about the charity sector and its need for language services. Together, we aim to draft guidance on how charities could access professional language services more easily and work more effectively with language service companies.

Cari Bottois, a Co-Founding Member and Coordinator at Charity Translators, is excited about this collaboration, “There is so much we can do together to raise awareness of language services within the charity sector and help charities access both volunteer and professional language support. Working with charities is a special kind of a relationship and truly rewarding, we very much look forward to sharing our experiences with the ATC’s member companies.”

ATC CEO Raisa McNab agrees, “This is a great opportunity for ATC members to learn more about working with charities, and to get involved with Charity Translators. Apart from introducing ATC members to how they can support Charity Translators’ amazing work, we aim to publish a guide which Charity Translators and ATC member companies can use when working with charities, based on our work together at the joint workshop in July.”

To celebrate the new partnership, the ATC will add a new ‘Charity’ specialism to its Member Directory, enabling charities to better find the language service companies who understand the sector and its requirements.

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