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The ATC’s is delighted to announce a new associate partnership focusing on recruitment and contracting with Translation Back Office.

Translation Back Office’s Managed Services solutions provide translation Project Managers and other language service professionals to language service companies across the world.

Managed Services enable translation companies to better navigate market uncertainties, ongoing pricing pressures, and constant demand for new services. Outsourcing specific roles during out-of-hours and spikes in demand can make a significant difference to growing companies that are not ready to hire full-time employees, especially those based in high-cost markets.

Translation Back Office’s Managed Services solutions are tailored for the language services industry; we are able to cover positions from Project Managers to Localization Engineers, helping growing companies worldwide.

Today TBO provides 127 experienced localization professionals to 24 clients that span the globe from our four regional offices in Asia, Europe and South America. From entry level professionals to Operations Managers, Project Managers, Vendor Managers, Desktop Publishers, Engineers and Administrative Staff, TBO has become a one-stop solution provider of key personnel to LSPs throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

We have been using TBO’s Managed Services to provide project managers and desktop publishers for our agency since 2009. In that time, we have increased from one contracted staff member to 11.5. We use this solution to ramp up quickly in times of great need, but (as much as we didn’t want to) we have also slimmed down during times of recession. We consider this staff to be 100% part of our team, as they are 100% working on our clients and projects all day, however, we appreciate the fact that TBO takes care of the HR side of things as we don’t have the capability or the interest in learning the employment laws of other countries. Because of this flexibility, in part, the business has grown nearly 350% over the past 10 years.” – S.A. – Anonymous Client – 2020

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