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A new survey from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, produced in association with the Association of Translation Companies, charts the relationships between language professionals and language service providers.

The survey allows us to gain a better understanding of the working relationship between individual translators and interpreters and language service companies, and to explore areas for improvement to benefit the sector as a whole.

Collaborating with CIOL on this survey has been a fantastic opportunity for us to gain an insight into the relationship between language professionals and language service companies, and how it can be improved. The results of the survey bring out the themes of open and direct communication in both directions, mutual respect, and a shared goal of doing the best job possible. In a rapidly evolving industry, it’s not always an easy feat, and it’s on us all to keep on striving towards continuous improvement. But above all, to me this survey talks about an industry of professionals who care deeply about their work. Raisa McNab, CEO, Association of Translation Companies

Previous CIOL reports make clear that very many of our members and other language professionals work in some way with language service companies. Our aim with this research was to provide insights for both professionals and companies of the concerns and challenges facing the other, and the sector as a whole. It seems these do not differ greatly but there is a need for better understanding, which opening up channels of communication will help to address. Our hope is that this drives improvements for all and ultimately helps everyone to serve better the customers we support. Ann Carlisle FCIL, CEO, Chartered Institute of Linguists


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