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Who doesn’t do audio or video these days? No one, and that’s reason enough to include voice-over and subtitling to your services portfolio alongside translation.

The ATC’s new Associate Partner GM Voices is a full-service voice-over production company with more than 1,000 voice actors worldwide in over 100 languages, helping language service companies with all types of video adaptation services, including dubbing, subtitling, post-production, and other A/V effects.

“GM Voices collaborates with language service companies to offer ready-made AV services for whatever audio or video content they are translating for their clients,” explains Jay Steinworth, Director of Business Development at the US-based GM Voices.

“Our language service company partners have amazing networks of professional translators, but adding dubbing, subtitling and voice-over to their service offering is a whole different ball game. We’ve got the tech, the studios, and the voice artists. Quoting for and managing an AV project is very different to managing a translation job, so we work with our partners to enable them to quote and manage the AV side with their clients professionally.”

The ATC’s CEO Raisa McNab adds, “Being a one-stop-shop for your clients’ translation and localisation needs is what every language service company works towards, so having a professional production company as a partner makes a lot of sense. It saves you from having to start building a new service and supply chain from scratch, and allows you to offer these services as simply part of the package.”


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