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By default, the language services sector is multilingual and multicultural, and none more so than in the UK and its language service companies of different shapes or sizes.

But what shape do diversity, inclusion and equality actually take inside British language service companies? What role does ethnicity and DI&E play within language service companies and their staff?

Collaborative MA dissertation

Natalia Cama-Giustra’s MA Translation Studies dissertation at the University of Portsmouth focuses on the experiences of ethnic minorities in UK language service companies.

This study is at the cutting edge of research into DI&E practices. Very little academic literature exists, and certainly none on the language services industry. In 2020, the prestigious Market Research Society (MRS) conducted a similar study which has acted as inspiration for this one.

The study will explore academic and industry research and look at current data on minority experiences in our sector so that it research may fill a gap enabling the ATC, its members, and the general public, to address this issue with actual data informing engagement and lead the way towards new DI&E policies and further research.

Open survey for language service companies and their staff

A critical part of the study is an open survey for language service companies and their staff. Please take the survey and share it with your staff!


Your and your staff’s participation in this survey is completely voluntary and all of your responses are anonymous. None of the responses will be connected to identifying information and will be kept confidential. They will only be used for statistical purposes and will be reported only in aggregated form.

The survey will take approximately 12 to 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance for participating in the survey, and for your hugely valuable insights into this topical issue.

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