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The ATC’s Public Sector Manifesto set out our objectives towards sustainable development within the procurement and provision of language services in the UK’s public sector.

In the past year, the ATC’s activities have focused on building the foundations for constructive relationships and opening up channels of communication with stakeholders from the wider language services industry ecosystem.

We have:

· Facilitated a ground-breaking round table discussion with stakeholders from the entire ecosystem, including several commissioning bodies and organisations and associations representing translators and interpreters;

· Founded a platform for ATC member companies to engage in meaningful collaboration, irrespective of size or position in the market, working towards a shared objective of developing the language services ecosystem within the UK’s public services;

· Drafted and launched the ATC Public Sector Manifesto in collaboration with ATC member companies, to overwhelmingly positive reception from stakeholders;

· Forged positive, open channels of communication with organisations and associations representing translators and interpreters: ITI, CIOL, NRPSI and NRCPD;

· Actively contributed and involved ATC member companies in market engagement with commissioning bodies: Crown Commercial Services and National Police Framework;

· Informed members of the ATC’s public sector involvement and tender opportunities; and

· Established the ATC as a credible, active stakeholder within the ecosystem.

The ATC’s Public Sector Committee has now further outlined our strategy for 2020-21 for pursuing the Public Sector Manifesto’s themes and objectives, focusing on member and stakeholder engagement, and promoting best practice and research.


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