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The ATC’s Member of the Month in June 2022 is TranslateAble, a London-based language service company specialising in serving the events and exhibitions industry.

Julia Danmeri, Director at TranslateAble, sat down with the ATC to chat about her background in events, bringing her passion and expertise into language services, and how TranslateAble has forged its niche.

On TranslateAble’s journey so far, “I’ve been working in the global events industry for almost twenty years, and I’ve loved using my language skills throughout that time. But I’d also noticed a gap in the market,” says Julia. “As an events organiser, it could be difficult to find suppliers, services and people with both the language and industry knowledge required,” she explains.

From sourcing language services to providing them, what are the service trends Julia has noticed while transitioning from one industry to another?

“As an event organiser, a lot of the work I procured and managed myself was translation and interpreting. More recently, as a supplier to the industry, we’ve seen an increase in demand for live events captioning and subtitling, likely as a result of more online activity post-pandemic and organisers thinking more about inclusivity,” Julia notes. “Both captioning, as well as subtitling, allow events to reach a wider audience.”

If these are the current trends, are there any developments that Julia would like TranslateAble to play a key role in going forward?

“I think there’s room for improvement in terms of how we work with industry clients on talking about the added value that professional language services bring. So much goes on behind the scenes to provide a high-quality language service that a random person translating in the office just won’t know about. There’s also the opportunity cost of using internal staff to provide language services, such as translation. It is much more cost efficient and effective to use professional language providers you can trust, rather than Derek on the desk next to you.”

With a wealth of experience of running events and exhibitions and a background in language studies, what have been the less obvious secrets to TranslateAble successfully establishing itself as a specialist service provider?

“The events industry moves really fast. Working with events is about identifying what can be done at a high level, but within the time and other constraints of the event itself. With the last-minute and quick turn-around nature of work in both the events and translation sectors, our team is there to provide solutions, support, and flexibility. We ask the right questions and provide expert-level responses, based on our understanding of both the event and language industry.”

It’s been a whirlwind first year in business for Julia and her team, and her client base has grown to include companies from all over the world, as well as at home in the UK. Has she had time to enjoy it?

“I’ve loved every minute. From starting out wanting to use my own language skills to then being approached to provide services in other languages. It’s been great, and I’m excited about continuing to raise our brand profile and further internationalise our client base.”

Julia Danmeri of TranslateAble was in conversation with ATC CEO, Raisa McNab.

Written by Michael Dutton.

TranslateAble is a language agency providing services to the exhibition and events industry. The TranslateAble agency and its team of linguists work with clients to communicate with their communities worldwide, through expert language services and translation, to reach global markets and audiences – in any language. TranslateAble is a member of the ATC, abiding by the ATC’s Code of Professional Conduct. For more information visit the website at

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